About Us

FinRobot provides state-of-the-art expertise in financial modelling
online and face-to-face

Founded by Andrei Dikouchine, a lecturer at the London Business School and a practitioner in corporate finance, FinRobot promotes advanced financial modelling expertise.

We pioneer high efficiency low error rate approach to modelling by way of manipulating big parts of a model wholesale as opposed to building code line-by-line.

Whilst our online automation tools reduce clients’ costs we never compromise on transparency and user-friendliness of the final product.

We believe any model should comply with best practices.

Our Online Services

FinRobot.com is an automated assembler of financial models in Microsoft Excel which allows you to build and download your own financial model in minutes. Our Core Models' Library offers users a choice of four models: Base, Case Builder, TopLine and Manufacturing. In October 2014 the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) has recognised these Models as being compliant with ICAEW’s Twenty Principles for good spreadsheet practice.

Our Model Wizard will help you identify which of the four models is closer aligned to your business drivers.

Our Quick Guide explains steps required to assemble your own model online.

To make our Models even more flexible we launched a programme of free add-ons. Each add-on is a simple xls code with instructions allowing easy import into a user model to upgrade its functionality. You can read more on add-ons here.

Our service also offers free Quick IRR and Quick RE Development Models available from our Tools Catalogue.

Our automation technology goes beyond ready-made Models. With our huge back catalogue of Industry Models and modelling assembly tools we can design world class financial models built exactly to your Specification at a very affordable cost.

When I am asked to explain the concept behind FinRobot to non-finance specialists, a useful analogy comes to mind. Imagine a top-of-the-range Swiss Army knife with over a dozen tools. It would make a nice gift, though it is somewhat useless for everyday work. Unless you are a camping enthusiast, the knife is too clunky and heavy to carry around when one mostly needs a blade, a screw driver and/or a bottle opener. It ends up being at the back of a bottom drawer. I have two or three. Same thing happens to all singing and dancing modelling packages. They are never tested to full functionality and are quickly abandoned in favour of something more nimble and transparent as soon as accumulated complexity turns into chaos. Our approach allows you to pick the right tools straight out of the box for a very small price. Borrowing further from the analogy, one can view the full functionality of a Swiss Army knife, but only pay for what is really needed. No hidden extras. If FinRobot was invented by somebody else I would have gladly signed up to be the first and most enthusiastic user!

Our Training and Consulting Services

Building upon our success with teaching advanced financial modelling at the London Business School we designed and offer a range of high impact short courses. Our approach to training differs from traditional from basics to advanced programmes. We reverse traditional learning curve by starting from structural principles underpinning a financial model and peal it back to basic building blocks. The benefit of our approach is the ability to cover a lot of ground in short period of time. Learn more about our training modules here.

In addition to training FinRobot delivers traditional modelling services to develop clients’ in-house forecasting and reporting tools or to support a transaction. Our clients are mostly investment banking and private equity institutions but our experience allows us to undertake projects for any customer, large or small from a wide range of industries and corporate set-ups. Where possible, we deploy automation tools for model building to reduce clients’ costs but never compromise on transparency and user-friendliness of the final product.

Modelling Templates

Bespoke Models

Training Services

Rolling Forecast Model for FMCG start-up with automatic expansion of future product lines

Comprehensive deal model for secondary PE acquisition with integrated financials for five underlying assets

Design and delivery: Advanced Financial Modelling Course (IB/PE): 2003 - ongoing

MBO / LBO deal template with use of VBA for fast reporting & analysis

Budgeting and Forecasting Model for altnet carrier with variance analysis vs. accounting data

Content and management: financial modelling for European IBD associate class

M&A custom template for mining assets

Detailed project finance model for power generation BOT project

Content/delivery: LBO training program for regional PE firm

MVNO new markets and terms for JV with local carrier

Model audit: multi-billion global fertilizer and gas upstream assets

Design and delivery: Corporate Finance refresher course for MBA

Leveraged finance deal template

: Integrated model for global business with 40+ international subsidiaries

Design and delivery: financial modelling for new associate class (multi year contract)

Template for large scale RE opportunities integrating construction phasing and project finance

Model audit / DD support: total rebuild of target’s business case (security ID tech services)

Review and upgrade: long range business model


Legal Stuff

FinRobot is a company registered in England and Wales under company number 8574246. Our terms and conditions for supply of services are governed by English law. As a UK based company, we comply with all relevant laws and regulation of the UK and the EU. Please refer to our Terms of Website UseTerms & Conditions for Supply of Services and the Privacy Policy for more details.

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* The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) has recognised FinRobot’s Base Model, TopLine Model, Case Builder Model and Manufacturing Model (FinRobot’s Standard Models) as being compliant with ICAEW's Twenty Principles for Good Spreadsheet Practice. Users should be aware that the Standard Models do not cover all aspects of good spreadsheet practice and therefore should ensure that they follow the best practice appropriate to their specific circumstances when relying upon spreadsheets, as ICAEW will not be liable for any damages whatsoever incurred by any person, occasioned by reliance on the models or any related products or services, howsoever caused.