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Client Testimonials

FinRobot’s modelling skills complemented the in-house Compass team’s in a complex transaction involving investments in multiple companies. Andrei Dikouchine, Director of FinRobot, used his significant corporate finance background along with his modelling expertise to validate, refine and enhance upon what had already been developed.

Anthony Marraccino, Chief Financial Officer and Partner of Compass Partners

Online Questionnaire

We start with publishing feedback from our online questionnaire and would like to say thank you to everyone who has responded so far. Our users have said the following:

Use of Skype with good feedback was helpful

Core models seem broad enough to cope with most of our needs

Your Excel base is flexible and changeable at sensible price

Your concept of working with customisable templates appears very interesting

Your product undoubtedly appeals to a wide range of users. Looking forward to more models from FinRobot

Уour Base Model really helped me in no time at all!

Thank you for making your product available! As advertised it did save me a lot of time

If you would like to leave your feedback and get rewarded with a discount on your first purchase of our model, please fill out our on-line questionnaire. General comments and suggestions are welcome via email and can be sent to


London Business School

We are pleased to announce our feedback from Advanced Corporate Finance Modelling Course we delivered for the London Business School. During 2013-14 academic year 84 participants from Masters in Finance program took the course. This is a very demanding audience that self-assessed their modelling skills at 3 out 5, or above average. And - as every year from 2003 - we are very pleased they commented back lots of flattering points:

This is probably the most important course, totally practical with very good theory back-up

Great material, good real-life applications, very useful models

The professor is clearly a subject matter expert really good who knows not only about modelling, but also a lot about corporate finance and the real world, which is essential

Andrei is very well skilled in valuations and can explain well, fantastic financial models

Professor is very experienced, engaging, practical and fun

Andrei is a great professor and delivered high quality classes

Amazing, very insightful and funny

The feedback makes us immensely proud and happy. Without any further comments, we present scorecard feedback from the course (participants were asked to respond to questions on a scale of 1 to 5) -

For anyone interested to read further on Advanced Financial Modelling our notes from October run of the course were published here.