FAQ Model Assembly Online

To begin using our services you need to register.

After logging in go to  Models and review our models' range. Click Assemble next to the model of your choice. Enjoy!

Alternatively, you can click on Assemble at the top of your user Account page. A submenu will show the list of all available models.

FinRobot uses a complex algorithm that requires computational resources of our servers. For safety and reliability of the system, we request user registration prior to giving access to the assembly stage.

Request a password reset from the account login screen or click here

While building your own model you can skip entering financial data on your business or project. The algorithm will populate your model with dummy numbers. You can then populate your Model with your own data when you download your copy onto your computer. For details, please refer to User Manuals - for Base Model,  Case Builder Model and Quick IRR Model.

We have created the demo mode of the model so you can look at the structure, functionality and design of your model in Excel and satisfy yourself it is built in accordance with your specifications.

Accordingly, the structure of all sheets and rows in the demo mode and in the final model will be the same. For Base Model these include the number of products, types of debt, fixed assets, types of cost (fixed or variable), the number and step of time periods. For Case Builder Model your demo would have up to five forecast scenarios. However, demo version will not contain working formulae.

To avoid disappointment you can request and download the demo to make sure our product addresses your needs before you pay for a fully functioning model. If you do not like something or entered something in error, you can restart the assembly process at no cost at all. Note that the demo version takes several minutes to assemble and is delivered to your user Account. It's free and you can request as many demos as you like.

The working downloadable model has dedicated entry fields for your capital expediture profile. The preview and downloadable working copy will have these fields set to zero values. Once you purchase and download your model you can populate these as desired. The formulae and links in the depreciation schedules of the model will pick up your data to account for depreciation charges going forward.