FAQ Payments

You cannot request any changes to the purchased model. Before confirming and paying for the order, please request and study the model’s demo and satisfy yourself that you are happy with what you are paying for. If not, you can go through assembly stage to make changes as desired. You may also consider introducing changes yourself by importing a free add-on from our add-ons catalogue (requires registration).

We accept payments via PayPal and Barclays (for sterling only). Please note that PayPal now accepts all major credit cards and you do not have to fund a PayPal account to pay for your order. Barclays a more traditional payment gateway from the UK which is profiled to accept payments in sterling only.

We process payment only after you preview the model and order it. The model is delivered within minutes to your personal account area of our site. You can download from there as many times as you wish.

No. As a bespoke product customised for you needs we do not provide refunds or cancel orders once they are paid for. 

After we receive confirmation from the payment processing system, the model will be assembled to your specification and delivered to your user Account. Assembly process takes several minutes. You will receive a notification by e-mail that the model is ready for download. Keep in mind that the model will contain potentially sensitive financial data you entered for 72 hours only. After that time, your original data is replaced with dummy data. If you download the model after the initial 72 hours period, you will have to re-populate your model. The structure of the model will remain as per your order at all times.

Our price is final, but we reserve the right to change it in the future. Any proposed changes to prices or promotions available to customers will be advertised on Finrobot.com.

We plan to introduce a loyalty program for regular customers. If you have already ordered several models, we will contact you. Alternatively, you can always write to services@finrobot.com and request to be considered for a loyalty discount.

For guaranteed delivery of our messages to your mailbox please add services@finrobot.com and info@finrobot.com to your address book (to avoid the messages being marked as spam).

Although our models are designed to address most needs of small and medium enterprises or projects we cannot accommodate all eventualities and circumstances. Please study the preview carefully. If you do not like it, please do not order. As a bespoke product we do not provide refunds. 

You may consider making additional tailoring of the model yourself. We made an effort to make incremental changes easy and regularly publish helpful tips and ideas on our blog. Your user Account contains a library of add-ons, or expansion modules, which you can dowload for free. Each module contains detailed instructions on importing into a live version of a model.