FAQ User Account Issues

We do not send the model by e-mail. Once purchased and assembled on our server, your model will appear in your user Account. You will receive a notification by e-mail when your Model is ready for download.

The model you purchased is archived in your user Account. Once logged into your Account, you can download your model as many times as you need.

Due to privacy protection we store customer business related financial data for 72 hours only. If you download a copy of your model after the initial 72 hour period it will match your structural configuration (number of products, elements of fixed assets and debts, choice of cost drivers, etc.) but will be populated with dummy numbers. You will have to repopulate the model with your own financial data and assumptions. All entry fields are clearly marked and should take no more than 30 minutes to get your model up and running again with your own data.

Your Account contains an archive of all requested demos, all working models that you have purchased, as well as your promo codes (if any) and your payment history.

Copies of your models, both demos and paid for models, are stored in the archive accessible from your Account page. Physically, the data is stored on our cloud servers in the UK.

As a UK registered and domiciled business, we comply with all relevant UK and EU customer protection regulation. For more details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

We do not store personal information about you except for your email address and the name you provided.  The model archive in as part of your Account stores your business sensitive data for 72 hours from the moment you purchased your model. As an additional security measure we recommended that you do not enter any sensitive information about your business or project during the assembly stage. It may be less convenient for some users to purchase the model with dummy inputs, but it is a certain way to firewall your confidential information. If we don’t have it, it cannot be hacked.