FAQ Working with Model Off-line

White indicates a cell with calculations.

Yellow fields with blue font are input fields that you can work with without affecting the structural design of a model. Note that caution and good understanding of model’s workings are required when changing the calendar and model periodicity. Read more about how you can change the calendar and model periodicity in Section 3.3.2 of the User Manual for Base Model (Manuals for Case Builder Model and Quick IRR Models Manuals are located here and here).

Red font indicates negative values.

Grey background highlights cells that contain links between different tabs of the model and should not be altered to maintain the model’s integrity.

Green background indicates error check flags. If the colour changes to red, it that means that an error occurred.

Most tabs contain the 'OK' flag cells. The 'OK' flag cell contains a check indicator showing 'OK' when the balance sheet is balanced for opening positions as well as for all forecast periods. For details, see Section 3.4 of the User Manual. When the flag cell colour changes to red, it means that there is a balance sheet error in at least one opening or closing balance sheet statement. The error may occur due to accidental deletion or alteration of a formula anywhere in the model. The flag indicator helps to identify such mistakes early.

If you find a mistake, but do not know how to fix it, go back to the copy of the original model. If you do not have the original model, you can re-download it from your personal account at our website. For reasons of confidentiality, we do not store financial data of your business for more than 72 hours, but all the formulae and structure will remain identical to the one you ordered.

We recommend backing up as often as possible. Unfortunately, Excel does not always provide the opportunity to correctly roll back undesired or accidental changes.

All input and control fields running the model’s calendar and periodicity can be found in the 'Global' tab of the model. Making changes to the calendar is suitable for advanced users only and Finrobot.com does not guarantee that the model will work properly if a user attempts to reset the Model’s calendar or periodicity. Read more about how you can change model dates and periodicity dates in Section 3.3.2 of the Manual for Base Model and Case Builder Model located  here and here.

By default, interest charges on outstanding debts are computed based on opening balances. If you want the interest charges to be computed based on an average of opening and closing debt position, you will need to turn on the interest iteration. This indicator is located in the upper left corner of the 'Financials' tab. Please make sure that when averaging your interest charges, the iteration option of the main Excel settings is turned on too. Otherwise, Excel will indicate a circular reference error.